25KN Quickdraw, two carabiners with one Sling

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A quickdraw is made up by two parts, the 2 sets carabiner and a sling that connects the carabiner. There are different types based on combination of different design for carabiner and the sling. For instance, we may use a straight gate carabiner on one end, wire gate carbainer on the other side with a 11mm length sling. (Total length is 27mm).

What’s the charateristics for each type? Well, below is a short check:

1. From gate type view:

  • Straight-Gate, Easy to operate, straigth from the pivot point to the end
  • Bent-Gate, Quick and easy to clip a rope, connection with the rope directly
  • Wire-Gate, less likely open during a fall than a solid gate

2. From Sling Length view:

  • 11mm Most regular type you need, especially for a relatively straight route
  • 17mm Good choice to reduce rope drag.

How many quickdraws are needed for your activities? Well, consider this element: how long your climbing rounte would be. The longer your sport rounte is, the more quickdraws you would need. Normally, we get started from 12 sets. When the climbing rounte is more than 30 meters long, we need about 20 quickdraws. Of courses, some extras ones attached to your harness won’t hurt.

Size and Technical Specification Chart

Production Name 25KN Quickdraw Material 7075 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Color Blue&red, Silver&Black Length Blue&red(27cm);silver&black(32cm),blue&red(40cm),any color combination as per your choice
Net weight(+/-5%) 27cm/113g, 32cm/118g, 40cm/124g Breaking Strength 25KN Vertical, 8KN Horizontal, 7KN Open gate
Certificate CE 1019, EN12775 Multipurpose Caving and hanging, working at height, outdoor adventure, rock climbing, indoor climbing, zipline, rope courses, and more.
Logo Customized Logo is available Single pc packaging information 3x3x3cm, 0.124kg
Prices Based on different quantity, please contact with our sales. Delivery time 10 working days based on inventory available, 20 working days for custom logo, 30 days for customize design