Mr. Zhang
Mr. ZhangProduction Head - Division 1

Every day, at least half of my working time, I used to spend in our workshop.

I like to smell the unique smell of the workshop, a familiar smell mixed with machine oil, material being cut and processed.

The effective coordination of machines and labor is an effective guarantee of product quality and timely delivery.

You may not know me, but I am familiar with each product that comes into your hands. 😎

If you have any comments on product design, quality improvement, please be sure to communicate with our sales.

They will discuss your concerns with us, and we will definitely let you have effective feedback.

Mr. Zhang
Mr. ZhangQuality Control

Hi, I’m Zhang. 😄 Responsible for product quality risk control.

From this perspective, the first piece of advice we would like to share with you is: Before placing an order, always ask yourself the following questions: Do you know if our products meet international standards? For example, what is the maximum tensile strength of nuts and Lead Bolts? The number of falls of climbing rope? Is there a UIAA certification?

After all, these are confirmed, you must want to feel our products and see the details yourself, right? No problem, you can ask for samples with our sales and ask you to send them to your local lab for another test before you officially place an order. We guarantee that the quality of the large shipment is the same as the sample.

IVY WANGGeneral Manager Overseas Department

Over the years, I would ask myself a question: What kind of a person would I be if I didn’t do sales? Certainly not the childhood ambition: to be a philosopher. haha. 😄 Or perhaps a teacher? Well, maybe ….

As time passed, I realized that becoming a foreign trade salesman might be my destiny. These years in the first line of sales, those good and bad experiences, let me become a better version of myself.

When I got used to thinking and making decisions in the interest of customers, my personality was perfected unconsciously. Altruism is my best interpretation of sales, and I sincerely hope that each of you who communicate with me can feel that.

HarryLogitstics Deaparment

Hi,I’m Harry who is in charge of figuring out the best shipping shipping solutions for your order.

We offer DDU and DDP shipping solutions for some customers who need door-to-door shipping. If you don’t have a long term agent and you don’t have a large volume, then you will find that our shipping solutions are really suitable for you. Your total purchase cost will be reduced, and most importantly, you don’t need to worry about import customs clearance, we will take care of it and deliver the goods directly to your warehouse safely.

80% of our customers will test the quality of their samples before placing an order. For small sample mailing, we integrate the logistics channels of e-commerce in addition to DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc. No matter what your needs are, we have your solution covered. Great, isn’t it?

Mr. Wu
Mr. WuProduction Manager-Division 2

Hello~ The production line I am in charge of includes cold heading, forging.

Have you ever purchased adjustable brackets for climbing walls from us? The production process of this product includes red beating, stamping, and hot forging. From a metalworking process point of view, our production line can produce basically any hardware you need.

Each day, our main task is carrying out OEE projects to record each process of production and manual operations in detail, while ensuring product quality, to continuously improve overall production efficiency and save you more on purchasing costs.

LisaFinance Specialist

I’m Lisa from the finance department. 😎

We won’t have direct communication, but every order you place will end up in your hands.

I work closely with sales department to make sure the company is running properly from a financial standpoint.

In terms of payment, we usually do 30% upfront, 70% after product quality inspection and payment before shipping.

Of course, for long-term cooperation with a good reputation of customers, we will have better support.

LeeMarketing Specialist

Hey~ I’m Lee. The markering guy. 😄

What is marketing? In my opinion, marketing is a process of constantly optimizing the customer experience.

It is reflected in every interaction, when you communicate with our sales, when you see the samples we produce out right at that time, when you arrange the prepayment and wait for the product delivery, when you receive the order, open the package and test the quality again. And so on, these are all customer experiences.

Your experience will tell you if we are a good supplier? A partner you can trust for the long term?

More Data About Us

  • Business Type: Manufacturer

  • Year established: 2009

  • Total Building Size: 15,000 Square
  • Capacity: 4800 tons/year
  • No. of Employees: 80-90
  • Certifications: ISO9001, SGS, RoHS, material certification etc.
  • Main markets: Czech, Poland, Turkey, France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Asia and etc.

  • Equipment in production line: shear machine,CNC Punching machine,cutting machine,bending machine, robot welding machine and so on.
  • Main Products: Climbing wall hardware, zipline hardware, rope courses hardware, safety gear for climbing, zipline, rope courses and more outdoor adventure.

  • Quality inspection report: TÜV Germany tests passed, Tensile strength test, Yield test strength.  size inspection, zinc-coated/ Geoment/ Hot dip galvanized thickness inspection, material certifications.

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