907, 2021

How to choose correct climbing wall bolts?

We find that many of our customers have questions when it comes to choosing Bolts for their climbing walls.  Not quite sure which bolts are the best for your project? Don't worry. We have summarised answers to this question. To facilitate comparison, we have included all the relevant information in the table below. If there is any other point that you are concerned about, don't [...]

2705, 2021

Artificial Climbing Wall feature and Structure in a climbing gym

In this blog, we make some summaries about artificial climbing wall features and structures. You would find out What elements are included in the climbing wall in a professional climbing gym?   The artificial climbing wall features: In general, the climbing wall shall have the following features:  xx Meters high and xx Meters wide on the front side and xx Meters high, xx meters wide on [...]

2304, 2021

Why do we recommend Torx Head Wood screw when you need attached plywood volumes to the climbing wall? Also for plywood volumes manufacturing, you would also need this type wood screw.

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Why do we recommend Torx Head Woodscrew when you need to attach plywood volumes to the climbing wall?  Also for plywood volumes manufacturing, you would also need this type of wood screw. Under what circumstances, you would need a Torx head wood screw? Well, there are thousands of situations, but as a hardware supplier for the climbing wall industry, we only focus on its application [...]

2104, 2021

What types of Frame connectors are good for building Bouldering wall?

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A bouldering wall is formed from a lumber framework attached to an existing structure or supported by its own structure, then the framework is sheeted with plywood, creating the climbing surface. When framing members butt up next to each other, they can be joined by wood screws at an angle through the face of one member into the side of the adjoining member. But we [...]

1704, 2021

What are stainless steel U-Bolts attached to climbing wall and what are the advantages of this design?

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What are protection U-Bolts attached to the climbing wall?  A typical Stainless steel protection U-Bolt is made up of three main components: The U shape Bolt A stamped washer 4 Nuts or 2 Nuts. Stainless steel U-Bolts attached to climbing wall_RMC This U-Bolt assembly has passed the below proof load test by third-party tests as feedback from our clients. Standard: AS 2316.1 Appendix [...]

404, 2021

Hardware list to attach climbing hold to climbing wall.

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How to attach climbing holds to the climbing wall? What hardware is needed to attach a climbing hold? To answer this question, first of all, we should know: there are 2 types of holds, bolts-on, and screw-on. So what is a screw-on climbing hold?  Well, those holds are designed for plywood walls and attach using wood screws. screw-on climbing hold What is a [...]

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